Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last time slacking!!!

Oh no...I missed last week!!!
I would beg forgiveness but then again, it was my FINAL week of my 1st semester of grad school. I have 9 credits under my belt.  Holy moly!!!

This is Moly.  Not sure if this sample is indeed "holy"

The week was very productive and so I'm ok with that.  Last weekend I played 4 shows in 2 days.  First off was i like you at my FAVORITE local venue, The Cabooze.  It was seriously the most fun I've ever had playing, the energy everybody was throwing around was HUGE!!  Right after I was done playing, I jetted over to Brady's Brewhouse in New Richmond, WI and played another fantastic show.  On Sunday, it was Happy Gnome day!!  I LOVE Happy Gnome days!  Better than an epic normal HG night, this time one of my former violin students came!!!  It was so cool to see her again now that she's off in college and grown up and stuff.  So cool!  After the HG, I ran over to the Turf Club with plenty of time to spare to join up with the Minnesota Bluegrass Band.  We had a lovely guest bass player and Eldon joining us on banjo.  I think this being my 4th show in 2 days with 3 different bands, I THOUGHT I was at the end of my creative output and felt every solo was crap.  The recording was a different story, I didn't even recognize myself! Apparently my "bad days" have surpassed my "good days" of 2 years ago.  Sweet!

So all of last weekend's shenanigans went down while I feverishly put together a pretty bomb presentation on New Grass music.  Prezi is a godsend, so if you ever need to present something, check it out! yo!  Finals week went off without a hitch, I'm feverishly refreshing my academics page hoping to see my grades.  Deja Vu...  Well anyways, if you want to check out my super cool Prezi on New Grass music complete with a bunch of cool videos, go HERE!

Let's see if this works:

So this weekend, I didn't need to play ANYTHING!  Crazy!  I did get to see my good friends of The Boys N The Barrels have an incredible CD release show at the Cabooze.  There were so many old friends there that I haven't seen in forever, so many hugs were given!  I did have an opportunity to play afterwards with The Burbillies, but let's be serious, I'm getting old!  I can't do late nights like THAT anymore and haven't for awhile.  Well, I hope they had a great time.

So on to this week.  I may be joining some friends at the Mosaic Cafe tonight to play some tunes, but I owe my sweetheart some quality time after putting up with my schedule this semester so we'll see.  Next week is busy though!  A couple rehearsals, a breakfast gig with my rockin' 4th graders, Fiesta Fun Fair (school carnival), then on to the weekend.  My sweetheart's birthday is Saturday so that will be fun, I'm playing a wedding in the afternoon where I arranged ALL the music for string quartet.  Lots of great tunes, but it has been a lot of hard work.  Luckily the songs can now be added to our repertoire, so if you ever want to hire a string quartet to play Towers by Bon Iver, I'm your girl!  That evening, I'll be doing a set at the Cabooze with i like you. to open up for Heatbox.  We're on first so come out early!  Then on May 5th, I have a church gig where I'll get to play some classical violin (woot!!).  The Minnesota Bluegrass Band will be playing at Pickle Park for a very worthy benefit put on by a friend of ours.  The whole day should be fantastic and it goes from 12-7, but I think we play around 4.  I'll make an additional post when I know more info, it would definitely be worth checking out!!  Following the benefit gig, again it will be Happy Gnome week!  Yay!

It has taken me WAY too long to write this post.  I better update my calendar because if I keep it up, it will take all afternoon!

- K

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