Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apologies, bachelorettes, and the underground

NOOOOO!!!!!!!  I didn't get to post last week!  I blame lots of projects for grad school, lingering sickness, and the weather.  If you're not familiar with what's going on in Minnesota right now, don't ask.

Every year, I look back and marvel that on April 10, 2009, I played my first show with One Fast Move...  The Hat Trick was such a weird venue to play just starting off, but it was great getting my start in my home town of St. Paul.  SO MUCH has changed since then!!  I can't imagine my life without gigs, 1/4" cables, soundchecks, and always pushing yourself to learn more.  My first solos were either roots or arpeggios, now I'm working on stuff that is so much more intense and experimenting with pedals and such.  Thanks SO MUCH to everyone involved in this journey from day one and beyond today, you know who you are.  FOUR YEARS excited to see what year #5 will bring!!

Game-changer, right here!!!

Well, HAD I posted last week, I probably would have reminded everyone that 4/7 we returned to the Happy Gnome.  We had a great show, a great crowd, and look forward to doing it all again next week.  4/21!  Come on down!!!

Last night, I actually got to go out with some great dear friends of mine.  My college roommate is getting married in May, so thanks to the amazing planning of her twin sister, we surprised her with a great night out and about in Minneapolis.  She was such a good sport when we had her called up on stage to sit on a piano at the Shout House.  It was SOOO great running into an old high school friend there too!!

She was a natural!!  Look at all those guys serenading her!!!

Tonight, i like you is playing at Club Underground for their grand re-opening.  We'll be rocking out with DJ Gabe and Duenday.  I am VERY interested to see what this place looks like now, I've played there a few times and it definitely is underground, situated underneath the Spring Street Tavern in Northeast.  I kind of liked its "Party in the basement" vibe, yet its lack of Point beer, Topperstix, and walkability from my domicile reminds me that we're not in anymore.  I think the music starts around 10, we play around 12.

On Monday, I get to rock out with my awesome undergrad viola student for the McNally Smith choir concert.  Every "Soul Medley" needs at least 2 violas.  Can't wait to be blown away by the singing!!

I get to have Friday off for wedding-ish things, but Saturday 4/20, I'll be playing the violin!!  i like you is playing at the Cabooze with Medicine for the People and Dustin Thomas.  I LOVE playing at the Cabooze and what great acts to be playing there with!!!  Depending on when we play, I may hop in my car afterwards and head to Brady's Brewpub in New Richmond, WI to play with The Big Adventure.  The wonderful Lehi Hoehn (also UWSP alumni!!), will be filling in on fiddle.  Therefore, if I make it there, be prepared for double fiddles!!!!

As I said above, 4/21 is Happy Gnome night!  Come over and bring all your gnomies ;-)  Music starts around 7!

I think I took care of that and 1 day early for this week.  I'm also 6 days late for last week, but who's counting besides me!!!

CHALLENGE!!!  I have ONE follower and I'm wondering if this is worth it.  If you read this to the end of this SUPER long post, leave a comment!  Follow me!  Leave some love!!

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