Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When the cat's away...

Wow!  What a crazy start to my summer!  In addition to having a BLAST out of town with i like you + Scotty on drums, I've had some very exciting things happen.

Next year, I will no longer be Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion's music teacher.  It was an incredibly tough decision to make :-(  I kept thinking of those kiddos and awesome staff I won't see every day now.  However, I WILL be there 2 days a week as their ORCHESTRA TEACHER!!!  I'll get to see the 4th and 5th grade orchestra students as well as the FUTURE orchestra students.  I am excited to be a different part of the school community...a part that I've trained in and extensively studied!!  I also get to go to Sonnesyn, Noble, and Meadow Lake and I have to say, I'm stoked!

To say this weekend was celebratory would be pretty true.  In the band van and also as I played, I kept thinking about how my experience in many types of music will allow me to teach well rounded students.  I love my performing life and I'll be able to give the skills needed for the opportunity to hundreds of kids a year.  Woah!

Well, the band van AND trailer did awesome this weekend.  It is so nice to all ride together and be a part of all the funny happenings, music discussions, etc.  Plus, if not for the band van and trailer, we wouldn't have had a chance to witness this solution to the scraping trailer hitch:

...why must I make such awkward noises SO CLOSE to the microphone of the camera?

Coming up next!  Lots of rehearsals this week which is awesome!  On Saturday, I'll be playing a double header - one at St. Paul Summer Beer Fest and one on the Cabooze-Joint patio as the pre-show for Katey Bellville, The Boys N the Barrels and The Big Wu!!  However, Johnny is out of town for work...which leaves ME MYSELF AND I in charge of all this.  Uff da!

The plan?  Eldon Hagen will be joining us for the Joint/Cabooze show and I'll be needing to sing my little heart out more than normal at both.  Of course I'll have my amazingly talented future father in law on dobro, Joe Sheehan of i like you. is going to hold down the bass stuff, and who knows who else may join us!  Both shows should be super fun if not for the music, but for seeing how I handle leading a band.  Please come cheer me on for moral support!!!!!!

OH!  Plus it's Happy Gnome week!  I love telling people about this wonderful magical place and how relaxing it is to play there every 1st and 3rd Sunday.  Come on out, rain or shine, it's always a good time!!!

I'll have to likely learn a bluegrass standard to sing.  Any suggestions?!?!  If you come out to one of the shows and I pick your tune, come see me for a prize!  PS...it's probably going to be handmade and awesome :-)

See you this weekend!
- K

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!!  Humdinger AND The Regulars!  debut albums are now available at all local Down in the Valley stores!!  A HUGE thank you to them for putting our work in ALL locations and just being super nice to work with.  Go pick up your CD today!!  Remember, The Regulars' album is in limited quantity AND all of the proceeds from Humdinger go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  What a deal!

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