Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring break!! f;laskdjf aeouaerlkejgal!!!!!!!

I'm officially on Spring Break!!!!

Pretty stoked about that...except for the fact that my body decided this would be a great time to be sick.  UGH!!!  My to-do list for break seems longer and longer with each cough :-(

The show must go on though.  I currently should be jamming with my friends from The Big Adventure, but I'm taking this time to rest and down as much tea and honey as I can handle in the hopes I can chime in on my harmony parts tonight.  If you're not afraid of the plague and want to see this, I hope to see you there!!

...sorry, I had issues finding it via Blogger.  Bad Blogger!!!

On to this week!!  Pretty stoked to be playing with my sweetheart, my future father in law, and all the other incredibly talented musicians of The Minnesota Bluegrass Band!  We'll be at Whiskey Junction - GREAT parking, INCREDIBLE soup.....geez, I need soup NOW!  FREE SHOW, we play 9-12ish....I love Spring Break!!

The Minnesota Bluegrass Band at Whiskey Junction 

901 Cedar Ave  Minneapolis, MN 55404

Music 9-12, FREE SHOW!!!

Besides tonight and Wednesday, that's all I have.  Spring break indeed!!!!  Of course, I'm down for any surprise shows that may come my way but if not, make sure you come out one of these nights, it'd be great to see you and not need to run home to sleep :-)

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