Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I want to say it's spring, but it was definitely snowing this morning!!  That is not changing what I think though, it IS spring!!!

This spring has been so fun at the Kozak house. I have never had a garden of my own; I mean, I house sat for a house with AMAZING gardens and I kept it alive the whole week, so that kind of counts, right?.  It is like Christmas in my yard!!  I'm raking leaves uncovering garden spaces and finding amazing things.  I have crocuses.  Not only do I have crocuses, but I have ninja crocuses that say "MOVE leaves!  It's spring!  Imma coming THROUGH!!"  I mean...look!
This is nature's version of the Kool-Aid guy.  OH YEAH!!!!!

So now I'm sitting here, looking out of the window, feeling guilt over the 14 bags of leaves (and 2 of dog poo!) that is getting rained on in my yard.  I'm not proud...we woke up on Sunday and it happened.  However, that meant we worked INSIDE!!

I am so excited to announce that I have an in-home teaching studio now!!  Instead of my students having lessons in the living room and effectively taking over the house, now they head upstairs to the little front "bedroom."  I put that in quotes because it has the weirdest closet built just to make it a bedroom for real estate purposes. I wonder, what was the room used for in a past life?  Anywho, my studio has seating for families and students who arrive early, a stand of course, a desk and chair, and ALL of my music.  If I want a student to try a new piece, I have it RIGHT THERE for them.  I also have a condenser mic ready to go for recording.  My students are going to have so many great opportunities now.  I am so thankful for John's help and ingenuity in setting up the recording equipment!

I hope everyone out there is thinking spring too!  Stay warm, stay dry, and stay positive!  I'm taking Saturday and Sunday off for some well deserved birthday celebrations for my sweetheart!  Friday I will be performing with my husband, Johnny Kozak, and the Washboard Time Machine Gun crew.  We'll be at the Keller Bar in St. Cloud.  Come on down (literally...it's in a basement).

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