Sunday, March 17, 2013

And we're back!!!!

It feels so good to be back with my sister and brothers of i like you.  After a month off, we came back together for our first ever show at the Bryant Lake Bowl.  It was fun and a bit challenging to have a theater show for our first show back, but it was so great to get out in front of an audience.  Friday we hit the road towards Wakefield, Michigan and the Mountaintop Music Festival.  The roads were AWFUL on the way up so car #2 (which I was in) didn't make it up there until the last 3 songs of Useful Jenkins set.  I would have loved to have caught more, but thanks to my first 5 hour energy drink (hahaha!  Thanks Joe and Mo!), I grabbed my fiddle for a late night jam with the guys from Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.  Stevens Point represent!!!!!!!

On Saturday morning, we hit the slopes!  I had never been snowboarding, but with free rentals and free lift passes for performers, I just had to give it a try!  Arthur and his lady were fantastic teachers!!  I loved it!  Who knew I could (very slowly, only riding the back edge) shred!  Definitely used muscles I've never used before, so I'm a little sore!  We played at the bottom of the hill and while we did have access via road, but the end of the day, I actually would have considered boarding down the hill with my violin - in its case of course!!  Well...I have a very hard case, so falling may have been extremely painful.  Glad I didn't make that life choice.  Our show was fun!  Lots of skiers and snowboarders partying down at the saloon, some remembered us from last year when we played on the patio due to the extremely warm weather.  Again, VERY good to be back :-)

Upcoming events for the week of March 18th!!!!!!

I'm very excited to be joining The Burbillies for their set of bluegrass style butt-rock.  I had to look that up...and yes, that actually is a genre!  Lots of familiar covers, some familiar faces, and a whole bunch of silliness.  These guys are a bunch of fun - you should come out!  I'm already planning my costume...yes costume.  The show is at Cause Spirits and Sound Bar in Uptown and the ridiculousness starts happening at 9pm.....FREE SHOW!!!

On Friday 3/22, i like you. will be playing tunes while you sip tap beer from local brewery and awesome music scene supporters Harriet Brewing.  If you haven't seen this space, you're missing out!  Couches as well as tables offer you a spot to enjoy the fruits of the brewmaster's labor while surrounded by colorful art and are serenaded by music most days of the week.  Come early, seating is limited - food truck will be Potter's Pasties (yum!).  Music at 8, cover is $5 but oh so worth it!!

Coming up next week....Spring Break staycation for Srta. Krueger
3/27 - Minnesota Bluegrass Band at Whiskey Junction
and perhaps some more...TBA!!

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