Monday, December 10, 2012

Oops I did it again...


Well, it has been super busy, but I've had great support and so I guess I didn't even realize it.  Well, since I was on here last, lots have happened on the grad school front - applications, auditions, etc.  I am so happy to announce that in January I will be going to McNally Smith College of Music for violin performance!!  I'm going to be a Master of Music in Performance!  Johnny says that's bad ass ;-)

I also started buckling down on finances.  Grad school + wedding = and expensive year!!!  PLUS looking for a house for after the wedding.  Blog idea - how I'm saving money any way I can...coming soon to a blog near you!!

I've also had a bunch of concerts at school and whatnot.  School is going great and my kiddos are adorable.  However, I'm still counting down till winter break (9 by the way).

Hmm...what else.  OH yeah!!  SNOW!!  I cannot begin to describe how gleeful I am at the sight of snow.  12+ inches yesterday and we STILL had school.  Yes, I live in Minnesota and I still teach school the day after a blizzard.  Booya. 

A whole month....and still only enough time to write just this little bit before I have to go.  I promise it won't happen again.

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