Sunday, October 21, 2012


Years ago, someone once told me I'd be a good blogger.  I typically have a lot to say and I'd like to think I can be witty if I put my mind to it.  So here we are.  I bought a condo and thought this would be a funny place to talk about the trials and tribulations associated with this (and friends and family can attest that trials and tribulations were only the tip of the iceberg!).  It ends up that my life is a lot more than being a homeowner.  I find myself in many situations on a weekly basis that would be great subjects for a blog article, and I guess I got a little distracted, downtrodden.  Here were so many great things to talk about, but here I was stuck with just homeownership and not just that, I had A LOT of catching up to do since many of the funny things that happened were in the very beginning.  How often would I need to write to catch up....but wait there was that funny thing that happened at the music festival I just played....ARGH!!!

So clearly I was immensely successful.  1 published post and 1 draft about the condo that was written on a night I must have been irritated.  I never published it, some parts were great, others junk.  Perhaps it'll just hang out in the draft bin for the rest of its days.

I propose an idea - I am going to start over.  1 blog a week, any topic I feel like.  I doubt I can commit to more than that, it'll be more quality than quantity too.  I am excited to get re-started with the blog and if I write again next Sunday, I'll already be more successful than last time.

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